About Us

XDA Studio

XDA Studio Cochin is your one stop shop for Car Wrapping, Vehicle Branding, Car Graphics, Signages, Vinyl Plotting, Wall Wraps, Carbon Fiber Wrapping, Acrylic Signage, ACP Coverage and much more. Our prices and quality of work ensure that our clients keep coming back. Our team consists of members with over 15 years of experience in vehicle wrapping and has worked on more than 450 cars. Apart from the above mentioned we also do BillBoard Advertising, Bus Advertising, Mall Advertising, Exhibition Stall Branding, Mobile Van Advertising, Railway Advertising etc. In addition to vehicle wraps, we also specialize in storefront window wraps, banners, sandwiched boards and custom flags. Our design and wrapping services can help take your brand or Company reach the next level, and we are happy to work with you to bring in your ideas to life.


Vehicle wraps are fully-colored digitally printed and laminated vinyl graphics designed to fit your specific make and model. Vehicle wraps will not damage your paint; in fact, they actually help to protect the factory finish. Use your vinyl car wrap as advertising for a business to get your message out to the general public. If you don’t have a business, you could lease out space on your vehicle to businesses who want more exposure. At XDA Studio, we provide long-lasting vehicle wraps that use modern design techniques to catch potential customer’s attention on the road. Send us a picture of your vehicle and we will help you to get the exposure you really want!!


Signage is a term for any sort of graphic display intended to convey your brand’s or company’s information to an audience. Signage is an excellent branding way to market the key criteria of your business. Henceforth vehicle signage is the most successful way to get your brand and organization noticed. We also undertake safety signage, ACP signage, general signage, stainless steel signage, internal signage, modular signage, fire safety signage, cut out signage, escape signage, route marking, sign boards, led signage, digital signages, acrylic led signage, reception signage, vinyl signage, informative signage, signage system. Our team at XDA Studio has the ability to design and apply high-quality graphics, logos & signage to a whole range of areas.


Now you must be wondering what is this Glass Sandblasting? It’s the carving of glass for the sake of decoration, like on doors, windows, tables etc. The cost for the process depends greatly upon the type of project it is intended for. If it’s a small home glass etching or carving it can cost little but for the purpose of larger pieces, the cost will be fair.


Need a little spice to the office room or living room or the guest room? Wall arts are great! We design and provide the art designs needed for whether it be an inside of a restaurant or a book store or your kid’s room. Get creative and give a different feel to your little space.


Apart from the above services, we also offer Vehicle Lettering, Sign Writing, Neon Sign, Flex Board, LED Sign, Engraving, Banners and Helideck Marking. The possibilities are indubitably endless at XDA Studio.